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photographer . cinematographer . creative direction


Growing up, I was always drawn to stories. Whether it was through books, movies, or people, didn’t matter. The fantasy behind stories stimulated my imagination like nothing else and gifted me my sense of wonder. As I got older, I slowly turned to photos as my main source of inspiration. What enticed me so much about photography was its ambiguity and singularity. As a viewer you’re allowed and almost expected to fill in the gaps with your own perspective and understanding. And the beauty of this interaction is that as you grow, the photos grow with you. 


On my fifteenth birthday, all I wanted was a camera. More specifically, a dslr that I could have manual control over. In the two months that followed I spent every day with that camera. Through trial and error, I taught myself how to expose, manipulate and compose an image. I started sharing my photos online and received the encouragement I needed to start my professional career. Just five months after getting that camera I shot my first wedding which catapulted me into commissioned photography.

Just months after, in my grade 12 year (2014), I was one of ten young entrepreneurs across Canada that received a $5,000 start-up grant from Kevin O'Leary with the partnership of CBC's Dragon's Den. Click here to view the story.

In the five years that followed, I have been commissioned over 100 times including: weddings, special events, family sessions, portrait sessions, commercial photography, head shots, videography and many more unique opportunities.

But there was always something missing.

Early 2018, I found myself in a crisis. I found myself laying out a path that quite simply didn't excite me. I went through my past five years in photos looking for an answer, searching for a reason. And what I found, wasn’t actually my love for the photos, but the memories. I felt drawn to the way each chapter in life held such distinct characteristics and how the perspective shift in those times came through in the photography. And that without realizing I had been documenting pieces of myself through time.

That’s when I realized it’s been storytelling all along.

The reason I was drawn to photography was because it allowed me to be an author. It bridged the gap for me between being a consumer and a creator. As soon as I understood this, everything changed for me. I stopped pursuing photos and started chasing moments.

Moments I needed people to experience with me through documentation or some sort of conceptualization.


My photographic journey showed me that the pursuit for technical excellence and ‘the perfect photo’ is futile, at best. But the pursuit of storytelling, connecting, and inspiring is fulfilling and endless. 

Today I'm focusing my efforts on creative direction, storytelling, cinematography, branding, and of course photography will always be my means to an end.


I realize my perspective and my story is just one, but one that I’m making my mission to share. On this website you’ll find a portfolio of what I like to call photo-stories. Each one has been created carefully with deliberate use of layout to best enchant you. 


From these stories, I hope you walk away with a better understanding of the world and your life around you. I hope you realize that your story is as important as anyone else’s. And I hope I can bring you to a new idea or thought and maybe even find the answers you've been looking for.