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In June 2019 the hard drive I had been working off of for the past year and a half unexpectedly crashed. Unable to salvage any of the data from it, I was torn on what my next step would be and truthfully whether I'd take one or not. 

I lost precious material including photographs from Greece, England, Jasper. I lost the last photo-series for my upcoming book along with the design files and much of the writing. Luckily all of my client work had been delivered at that point so no one was out any photos and I have since received back ups the final delivered photos from all clients within that time span. 

The whole experience brought me into what felt like an identity crisis. 

How can I now in 2019, having grown in my art, express to people who I am - what I'm capable of - through work from 2017? I was hung up on that thought for months following until the hard truth dawned on me - I can't.

It's up to me to either adapt to the challenge or not. And the only way to come up on top is to get back in it and create again. 

This is my first photo series since and is my ode to the photos spanning from January 2018-2019 that were 'lost in the fire'. The series is best viewed on a desktop computer. 

Scroll below to view my YouTube video explaining in further depth.

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